My Mission, Vision and Core Values.

 My mission is to connect with women by listening, encouraging, being kind and applying God's word so they will experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

My Core Values
Be authentic in Christ. Luke 12:2 
Embrace Freedom in Christ. Galatians 5:1
Live in the truth of God's word. John 14:6
Explore communing with Jesus daily. John1:39
My Vision Statement
A greater life of abundance in women lives that is bearing fruit for God's Kingdom.

" Astrid has helped to realize that I am capable of accomplishing my goal to become healthier, even if it is hard. I tend to shy away from doing hard things. If I can do this healthy journey, even though it's hard I can do other things that are hard. It has opened a new mindset for me.

"Astrid lead me to a jumpstart on weight loss and healthier lifestyle. The biggest change that happened for me was I fasted from sweets and sugar for 21 days.I asked God to take my addiction away and since then I have been focused and honoring him with my body. Working with Astrid is for anyone who wants to change." 

 What are you waiting for?